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    How to get pure promotional landing page URL?
    I have a blog. Sometimes I see good deals on some well-known deal sites and want to promote them on my blog as well. It looks the URL to the landing page has a lot of codes including the deal site's affiliate id for sure. How can I get a pure promotional landing page URL and insert mine for my blog? Thanks.

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    Just sign up. Look for the "affiliates" or "affiliate program" link on their site. Or Google the merchant's name + affiliate program.
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    Right click on the link of the product that you would like to promote before it redirects to the LP. Check out the domain name within the tracking link and this should tell you the network that carries the offer.

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    When you say a "pure promotional" landing page, do you mean you don't want it to come through a network? If so, you'd have to contact the advertiser directly and see if they'd be willing to place their ad on your site outside of the network they are using. If they don't go for that, you'll have to sign up on their network like these other comments suggest.

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