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We’ve just received the go ahead to upload to the SAS Deals and Database a 10% OFF Coupon for Tizer Secure. Please be sure to use it and upload it today so you can better market our product to your site visitors.

Coupon Offer: 10% OFF
Coupon Code: Tizer10
Expiration Date: 12/31/2009

If you’re not familiar with Tizer Secure, I’ve included below a snippet of our upcoming Newsletter to Tizer Affiliates on how Tizer Secure is different from competitors like Norton and McAfee:

“Mass Customization: Tizer Secure™ isn’t like Norton or McAfee, it’s unique in the sense that it offers personalized internet security services to the consumer at an affordable cost. Each user downloads and installs the same version of Tizer Secure™, but as these individuals use the application and report their findings through Tizer Secure™'s inbuilt reporting system, the application learns more about each user's unique threat environment and specific needs and personalizes its protection and behavior to suit these needs through an exclusive, patent-pending mass customization process.

Unlike other security applications that provide the same software and standard database with the same periodic updates for all users, Tizer Secure™ provides personalized security services through a unique combination of proprietary tools and techniques. Because everyone uses their computer differently, threats on one user's machine may be quite different from the threats on another user's machine. The personalized updates and instructions that one application receives on one computer may be quite different from those that it receives on another computer. Personalized protection from a dedicated IT team is expensive, but Tizer Secure™ offers the benefits of personalized security services to individual consumers at an affordable cost by implementing the concept of mass customization in internet security through our revolutionary, new patent pending process.

With Tizer Secure™ users receive a personalized internet security service and not just another product!

If you havent joined Tizer Secure, JOIN NOW and GET ACTIVE TODAY!