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Three Dog Bakery - All natural, healthy, dog food and treats! Made in the USA with human-quality ingredients!
In 1989, three dogs (Sarah, Dottie & Gracie), two guys, and one .59 biscuit cutter joined forces to create Three Dog Bakery--the world's original bakery for dogs. With Three Dog Bakery, our furry friends enjoy fresh, oven-baked all-natural foods and treats that look as good as they taste! Dogs everwhere say (or at least think): YES! to all natural ingredients, human-quality ingredients, and yummy gourmet treats!
Our products include dry and wet dog food, biscuits, premium cookies, bagels, training treats, low calorie options, as well as seasonal products.

Oh, we didn't forget our feline friends. We offer a full line of "purr"fectly delicious treats for cats.
Check out our yummy, tummy-rubbing products at

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