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Program Highlights:
7% commission
Commission duration 30 Days
BYOL available
Datafeed available

At NY based Jezalin's, we package gifts for all occasions and recipients in our exclusive signature gift crates. We take great pride in pairing up the finest products and packaging them together to create synergy. The majority of our products are either trendy household brand names or award-winners that we have cherry picked. Our packaging is second to none and we feel confident in saying that we provide one of the finest and most memorable gift packages in the industry.

More Info:
- We do not out source our packaging or our order fulfillment to third party companies. We are fanatically meticulous about what we send out and care too much to trust our Brand and company image with a third party.
- Our Signature Gift Crates are assembled in house and made in the USA
- Our Packaging is 99% Recyclable (The 1% is tape and some materials for perishables)

Site Features:
- Customers can actually review every item included in the gift bundle individually and in great detail. This feature is a huge improvement from your typical gift basket site, which if anything only displays a content list.
- Customers may shop for multiple recipients with just one check out.
- Customers can select the ship day.
- Our web site allows for users to fully engage and create their own custom synergistic gift.
- Customers can purchase any individual item that they like, even if they found it while looking at a gift bundle. That being said, we like to stress the fact that all of our products are good enough to be sold on their own, unlike your typical gift baskets.
- Our site is clean yet very engaging, our images are very detailed, and we establish confidence with our customers.


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