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    June 25th, 2009
    HELP! Need to recruit quality Affiliates for my Program
    Dear All,

    I have an online graphic design business which is going really well through PPC and SEO. Now I want to penetrate more into my niche that is Small to medium size business owners all over the world.

    My question is, how can I recruit quality affiliates which would successfully divert relevant traffic to my website, that would convert into sales?

    I would appreciate your sincere suggestions.

    Thanks for your precious time in advance,

    Looking forward to have your professional suggestions.



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    Do you have an affiliate program? Is it in-house or network? One very good way to attract qualified affiliates is to have an attractive program on an attractive network and put an announcement right here.

    I did not vote, don't think that many will except maybe to tell you to ditch the email marketing idea.

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    January 18th, 2005
    ditch the email marketing idea.

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    November 20th, 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Merchant Consultant Team
    ditch the email marketing idea.

    I "glance" at recruiting emails only if they are directly related to what it is that I do. Most of them get deleted without ever being opened.
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    Making friends and recruiting affiliates are very similar.

    If you know who you want to be friends with you go to their hang out places, make friends with some of them, and show them you are a good guy. You then are one of them.

    In order to meet affiliates you go to where they hang out, put your products out there, show that you are a good trust worthy person to work with and try to show the affiliates that it is truly a mutually beneficial partnership. Get signed up with a good netowork, go to conventions, make posts in forums, or become a sponsor where affiliates are.

    Have a high converting product or great roi and you will find that you will gain traction as soon as some affiliates pick it up; then momentum takes over.

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    itsec I'm not sure why you would think that any of the choices on your poll would be mutually exclusive. I don't believe that there is any single BEST way to do most things, much less recruit very strong willed INDIVIDUALS. I would think that the best way to recruit affiliates is the one that works for your program, and there's no way you'll discover that method unless you try them all. What works for one program may be a total failure for another.

    Take a look at Merchant Best Practices Forum</SPAN> and Starting an Affiliate Program & Merchant Q&A. Pay special attention to the sticked posts at the top of each forum.

    Good luck.

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