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    Hey there, so im planning on doing a mall site.. after everyones great input..

    I have seen many types of layouts, what have you found converts well?

    I have seen nice, clean layout, with menu down the left
    each menu button being like


    etc... and then when you click on those, the page has maybe 6-7 affiliate links or banners..

    ihave seen another one very similar but this time when you click on the link the page it goes to, starts off with a failry large chunk of text talking about the benfits and such, almost like a review and then below links and banners..

    3rd tupe i have seen is just the messy type LOL

    you know the type, just banners and links everywhere no organization, the type of site that makes you just want to vomit when you arrive at it.. ones that you expect popus to come up on...

    4th type are the really nice
    like type which is very organized, nice layout, makes you want to stay and possibly buy or at least search for deals...
    plus its layed out in a cool way which if you click on a product the person website ssan stays in top of url address and website like ciricuit city appears below... very swave...

    type of site though that would take years to make LOL, hats off to whoever it is...

    Last but not least the 5th type of mall site
    i have seen almost looks like a directory, its justa whole bunch of links under categories..

    so .... in light of the good and bad.... what sites do you think covert the best? i mean obviously layout plays a big part, professional in appearance... i understand SEO is gonna make or break it.. but

    those of you who have a site, that coverts very well, and you dont need to name it... .. as if.. lol

    just from your best coverting site, if you could give an idea of your layout thats worked for you, that would be very helpful..

    again many thanks for all the input people have contributed, abestweb has the best people on it...

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    no ideas?

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    I think in the right hands just about any type of site can work. You need to read around this forum, use the search function and try things out for yourself and see what works for you.

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    Why don't you e-mail the owners of those sites you mention, and ask them how it is doing for them? They would give you the answer deserve.

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    None of the above, LOL!

    Not too pretty and not too ugly, for me. I try to keep the site clean and simple looking, but the real "ooh that's nice" is for the Merchant Site. Yet people shouldn't run away from my sites screaming in trauma either!

    As for nav., I've got different nav on different sites. The most important thing seems to be that it gets spidered, since most viewers come directly to a back page from the SEs anyway. A spider-unfriendly site might as well be showing 404s, unless you're willing to spend a bucketload of money and effort "branding" it some other way...
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