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Thread: Ticketmaster Event Engine Problems

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    I don't suppose you want to tackle the various problems with the Ticketmaster Event Engine? [Removed]

    Seriously, I have tried multiple times to report problems, but nothing is ever fixed. I get the feeling that you have decided to let the HTML version die, as you have fixed nothing there (other than when it doesn't work at all). At this point, I have a hand coded iframe that looks like yours but isn't, because the HTML widget does not show partner concerts. I was once told that the reason was that those concerts were not in the feed, but that can't be true now because the Flash widget does show them.

    Then there is the date format problem, showing the European format (day/month/year) for US concerts at the dot com site. This can be fixed by altering the generated code, but new users won't know that. If you are withdrawing the HTML format, then say so. I am one of those who won't use the Flash version because it has a Get Widget link, plus it is much slower. Also, I happen to think that it is not obvious how to scroll, or even that you can scroll, so I think that some people may see only the few concerts that are displayed initially.
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    I like to think that this forum is meant to be a place to express concerns, get answers, and build relationships. Amy is our head of marketing and only wants to help, attacking her in a public forum really isn't promoting any of these concepts.

    You have emailed and posted numerous times regarding the challenges you have faced with the TM widgets. We have responded in the forums as well as via personal emails, I'm sorry if you do not feel this is enough of a response, we will do our best to be more responsive in the future.

    In regard to your concerns I am genuinely sorry you are not happy with these tools. We have taken all of your concerns to our development team and are actively working to resolve them. Unfortunately not every issue is as easy to resolve as it would seem, but we are working on them. Further, the network is taking your concerns so seriously that we are considering a complete overhaul of our widget system.

    A small note to the readers of this forum -

    Please know that all concerns issued by active affiliates are taken seriously. Not all challenges are easy to fix and we have to prioritize all concerns so turn around time is not always immediate.

    We take all feedback very seriously at and do our best to be as active as possible in communications with our affiliates, including forums, blogs and emails alike.

    As always my thanks for your time and feedback. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to send to me directly please feel free to contact me at any time.

    Charles Calabrese
    Head of Network, Affiliate Network

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    I am sorry if my post looked like a personal attack on Amy. It was not. The first paragraph was meant as tongue in cheek. If I could delete the post, I would (admins, please delete my post above as I don't seem to be able to do so).

    I have not received replies to several of my problem reports, including the most recent (from more than a week ago) regarding displaying of partner events. I received nothing. Perhaps an email went missing; I don't know. But yes, I am frustrated by the situation.

    However, in the interests of harmony, I will not post problem reports here as apparently my intent can be misunderstood. I apologize to Amy if she thought I was attacking her, or even; perhaps my attempt at humor betrayed one of my weaknesses instead. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate near the top for affiliate support, but that doesn't mean I can't get frustrated about problems I encounter.

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    Moderator Note: I've split this out and moved it to the TicketMaster sub-forum, plus I removed the snarky comment. I don't think Shuvee meant anything personal in his comment - it just sounds like frustration over the lack of resolution.

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