November 4th, 2009The Best gets even better as PartnerWeekly introduces new, powerful platform at ad:tech New York.

In a city where the best get even better or go home, PartnerWeekly announced today that its powerful lead-decisioning platform is taking another giant step forward. Timed with attendance at ad:tech New York, the industry’s largest gathering of Internet marketers, PartnerWeekly is introducing the new platform at the JavitsCenter event.

By migrating from PHP and MySQL— languages for developing and using databases — to the more robust and versatile Java and MS SQL, PartnerWeekly’s platform becomes more reliable, secure and scalable.

PartnerWeekly Chief Operating Officer Corey Owens said the high-powered new platform allows the company to accommodate more Internet merchandisers and respond more quickly to the needs of publishers and advertisers.

“Internally, we called the platform ‘Titan’ because we saw early on its tremendous power and flexibility make it an industry-changing system,” Owens said. “New York is a logical place to introduce something this huge.”

PartnerWeekly, the acknowledged leader in consumer specialty finance lead generation, is the industry's largest performance-based marketing agency. Its lead generation services offer advertisers in any vertical the power of Internet marketing to attract, retain and upgrade customers.

Owens said PartnerWeekly will be using the platform across all its divisions early next year.

“We’ve always been able to respond quickly and flexibly to our customer’s needs,” Owens said, “but now we are even faster and more versatile.”

According to Owens, the new platform can handle more than a million leads a day and is “vertically agnostic” — easily adapted to wide-ranging industries and verticals.