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    Question CJ & IE8
    Quick question, When I use product links in CJ or submit a question to CJ I have to use Firefox. If I use IE 8 the images do not show and their help system does not work. Do anyone else have these problems???
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    I have sort of the reverse problem - I use Firefox and have not been able to use CJ's ticket generating program for several months - each time I click on 'go' it takes me back to the same screen (endless loop) - I've talked to people at CJ and they tell me that they are aware of the problem and don't have a solution - hearing of your problem, I wonder if it is some 'cookie' stored on my machine that loops the CJ screen - maybe I'll try a different browser and see.

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    I use IE8 on Vista and I don't have any problems with CJ links or images or anything at all.

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