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    merchant / network / your own categories
    I'm dealing with a problem that I bet most of you have already faced

    I need to load external datafeeds into my own database, datafeeds come from different merchants and networks

    records management isn't really a problem, I am a web developer and I can play with the feed and do all the checks I need before inserting, updating or removing the item from the db; the real problem is the presence of different category descriptions / levels in feeds from different networks and merchants.

    Since it's impossible to have networks and merchants to follow a common scheme or structure we have to find a way around

    I've come up with two possible implementations:
    - Create your own category structure and map every single category to your own corresponding category for every new feed. Much much work to be done, it would require you to build a tool that first extrapolates the categories and allows you to map them to your own categories.
    - Use virtual categories that could be implemented searching by keywords, or better, mapping the category name to a group of keywords to use to retrieve items.

    How do you usually deal with this?
    Other ideas?

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    no replies in 4 days?

    I thought it was a rather interesting subject :|

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    Your on to the big issue. Its a huge question so your probably not going to get much of a response.

    For now take a look at markwelch's posts, such as and some others link to in other datafeed posts.

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    interesting thread but my only concern for this discussion is about the category mess, not the processing times or excluding some categories

    this seems to be a rather problematic topic

    I suppose those that are importing millions of products are somehow normalizing such categories

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