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BoatShoes.com has just added Teva to their great and extensive line of nautical shoes to their site. This is a great time to use the BoatShoes 10% OFF Coupon.

If your not familiar with Teva, please read below a quick synopsis of who Teva is:

Teva Facts

Teva is the premiere manufactuer of hiking, closed toe shoes, sandals and winter boots for outdoor and indoor enthusiasts.

What Does the word Teva stand for: TevaŽ is the Hebrew word for nature. It is pronounced "teh'-vah".

Teva's Stance on Human Rights and Enviroment: Deckers Outdoor Corporation respects internationally recognized human rights and environmental standards and places them at the core of our business practices. While we do not own or operate the factories that make our products, we apply a rigorous code of conduct, the Ethical Supply Chain Guidelines, and work with the factories we use to improve their performance over time.

Teva has been a great addition to BoatShoes and we know it will add more value and offer a conversion based product for your site visitors. Dont get left behind on joining BoatShoes.com, JOIN TODAY AND GET ACTIVE NOW!


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