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    January 18th, 2005
    I've been authorized to post the fact that Eva Hung and Ryan Spoon of the Affiliate Manager
    Team from eBay will be attending the "Friends of Abestweb" function in Las
    Vegas on 5/1/2004. They will arrive on 4/30.

    The 2 key reasons for their visit is as follows:

    1) To better understand pain points in affiliate marketing and how they can

    2) To help folks better understand their program and get feedback (both
    positive and negative) so that they can better improve all aspects of this
    channel for the affiliates -- from compensation to payments to tools to
    customer service.

    They are currently working with the Stardust staff in an effort to provide
    us with lunch at 1 PM in Salon #1

    Thank you Todd 'oilman' Friesen from Victoria for the lead.


    So on May 1st there is:
    A the Chairman of the Board meeting room provided by BigDaddy
    Krispy Kremes by CollectiblesToday @ 10 AM
    Lunch provided by eBay @ 1 PM
    Beverages provided by A&E @ 1 PM until 5 PM
    Ms. B is attending !!!

    Buddha started it in
    THIS THREAD last year and whiznot ran with it in

    It does tend to look like an EVENT will happen for the "Friends of ABW"

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    Awesome! Can't wait!

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    Jeeese, this is killing me that I am going to miss this.
    Following everyone else is a GREAT way to become average.

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    I'm amazed at the support this event is getting on such short notice. Way to go, Mike (Merchant_Consulting), and Todd (Oilman).

    Oh, and didn't Andy Rodriguez say something about buying a drink for his affiliates?

    Roger Houston, we have liftoff! A great grass-roots networking event is about to take place.

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    Thanks for the updates Mike (Merchant_Consulting). I hope you will post a full itinerary a few days before the event.

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    Mike, is there any way you can take the underscores out from your username? When looking at a forum in which you start a thread, it makes the topic titles very small because your username doesn't wrap, due to the underscores...
    Hi, I'm a signature.

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    So they don't have to repeat themeslves 1000 times, tell them to have a pamphlet explaining how there can possibly be a reversal on a 5 cent bid. Either someone bid and therefore you owe me 5 cents or they didn't bnid in which case you don't. I don't believe, that more than 1 in a thousand people retract their bid to ebay after making one, and therefore there is no reason to reverse any bids (ok ok, one in a year is ok I guess, but only 1).


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    >tell them to have a pamphlet explaining

    If I know anything about this type of event it's that this is not a pamphlet gig, don't expect anything in writing. This is full force networking, you will get told a lot of stuff but prefaced with "between us".

    If they told everybody everything then where is our edge?

    I say NO to pamphlet's

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    Well I'm very upset now. I was totally mislead by Mike. I was told that all that would be involved is BS'ing, eating, and drinking. And now I'm seeing stuff about reading pamphlets???

    <~~~~Goes to check the cancellation policy on that hotel reservation if that will be the case.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Whiznot:
    Oh, and didn't Andy Rodriguez say something about buying a drink for his affiliates? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I'm not sure I said that earlier, but here it goes in writting....

    Any of my affiliates that are promoting any of my programs gets a free drink on me!!

    absolutely, it's the least I can do to thank you for your support of my programs.....

    now go and sign up for some of them will you ...
    Andy Rodriguez Consulting, Affiliate Program Management and Consulting Services, Since 2001 | E: | P: (888) 931-ANDY (2639) | Skype: affiliatedoctor | AIM & MSN: AffiliateDoctor | Subscribe To Our ABW Forum Posts | Follow me on Twitter | Join Our Affiliate Programs

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    I have a better Idea.

    Any merchant that buys me a drink may have a better chance of me checking out their program.

    I learned this from Yahoo.

    Get paid first and then MayBe...

    Cow Patch...

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    I do hope a few ABWers grab Eva and Ryan, yank them into a corner somewhere and FIND OUT WHAT IS WRONG WITH EBAY'S AFFILIATE PROGRAM!

    I'm consistently seeing 25-60% bid and BIN reversals! That's total ! There is no way a click can register from my editor kit, then 30 seconds later have a BIN register, all the while picking up ANOTHER cookie in between?!?!?

    eBay needs to find a way to credit only the LAST cookie, not every single one on a person's computer! And they need to dump the thievin' parasites, as they WILL bring eBay down with them when the axe falls.



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