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    Should I signup for many networks?
    I'm thinking about making a top10 webhosts website. But should I signup for some affiliate networks first? I heard that they have higher commission rates compared to signing up with merchants directly. Are there any disadvantages of signing up with many affiliate networks when starting up?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Samael8, either way, until you get some traffic, you'll probably have a tough time attracting advertisers. That said, there usually isn't a downside for a publisher to join multiple networks. And doing so will probably expose you to more advertisers than you would encounter on your own up front.

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    One good thing to do before signing up with networks to to search (here and on other sites) to see what good or bad experiences others have had with that network. A few minutes now can save useless work and headaches later. Nothing wrong with working with more than one network as long as the networks you sign with are worth working with.
    Good luck.

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    My suggestion would be to work on getting traffic to your site and to work on your sites PR. Doing so will help you when applying for affiliate networks because they will be able to view your website and see the type of traffic you generate from it. Definitely research networks before signing up, to make sure that they have offers that accept your traffic type and that they have offers in the verticals you would like to work with. As always, make sure you ask questions if you have any.

    A good way to research the different networks is to sort through posts on the forums. That will give you a good sense of what networks are out there and which will be best suited for what you are looking for.

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    Aggree with the others posts that its a scale that you first need traffic to then excite merchants. But you can use tools like offervault & Offer202 to see what the payouts our to help you decide which networks to join. But use ABestWeb & searc online to make sure your dealing with a legit merchant & network.
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    Ya I agree you should definitely search the affiliate market and see which ones match up to your likings.


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