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    Your Strategy and Why?

    I have had people telling me to set a strategy of launching only one site and make that king and I've had people tell me to set up 30 sites and collect small amounts of money from each site.

    Have you followed either of these strategies? If so why?

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    jacked by sylon
    Had you rather have all of your money in one bank and the bank crashed and you lost all of your money - or - would you like to have money in 30 banks and one crashed but you still have some money left in the other 29 banks.

    A lot of what you ask has been asked and answered many time in the past here.

    A good place for you to start here would be to read this thread.

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    Thanks mate,

    Its just that I have been exchanging emails with someone who runs a very successful car rental site who tells me to only stick one site yet my instinct is to start a number of sites. Like you suggest.

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    You can have a "core site" that is your main focus but then run several niche sites along with it. Kind of like the 80/20 rule or 70/30. I'm with burger boy - don't put your eggs all in one basket.

    And say you have a car rental type site (just as an example) and there are what, 5 major car rental agencies these days??, what happens if said 5 car rental agencies drop their affiliate programs over night?

    Diversification If you have a few niche sites building in the background, if something happens to your more central site, you can quickly build on a foundation you've already laid. Much easier than going out and starting from scratch again.

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    You can do either, but I definitely lean toward the "one site" direction, with a twist. I would recommend building one site to be the best it can be, then start another site and repeat, with some period of time (probably measured in years) between each new site. Once you've get where you want to be with one, either drop back to just maintaining it, or sell it.

    If you're going to build 30 (or 300 or 3000) sites, they won't be quality sites. They'll be spammy thin affiliate sites, and will likely rely on the search engines. Some will get some sales trickling in. Some may have good results for a time. But you're not going to be providing value to anyone and it's no way to build long-term success.

    I think it's much more viable to build a site that provides true value to those who find and use it. Find a need and fill it.

    I know it's not an affiliate site, but consider ABW. Did Haiko create 30 forums, seeded with high-value keywords like mesothelioma and payday loans try to get search engine traffic, or did he create 1 high-value forum and pour his heart into it? An affiliate site is no different, IMHO.

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    Thanks mate, but what is the difference between a thin site and a strong affiliate. I have seen people boasting that their sites are number 1 and doing well yet they have 2 in bound links and only 6 pages.

    It seems to be full of contradictions.

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    I agree with Michael on this one. Build up one site first, and try to make it an authority in that niche. Usually a site with about 100+ pages, although the more the better. Once you've done that, you can move on to another site. Although if you don't see any money coming in after about 100-500 click-throughs, it's time to either re-think the site or tweak it so it performs better.

    Making too many sites at one time will more than likely result in "thin affiliate sites" which are sites that don't offer much in value. Usually those long one-page sales letter websites that don't rank very well. The best thing to do is create a site with value so your visitors will want to keep coming back. Dedicating your time on one site will quickly help you do this as your not trying to think of ideas for 30 different sites.

    In the end it's up to you to decide how you want to do it. Although from my own personal experience, I've found that dedicating the time to one site and making it very valuable to my visitors resulted in more backlinks, more visitors and more sales. When you create a site that people like, the word tends to get around. One great site is always better than 30 "thin" sites.

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