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    One Easy Way To Focus A Niche
    One thing that people are always looking for is an appropriate niche. It's good to have something focused, that you cover well enough that your site becomes an authority within the niche. Not just with Google, but more importantly... with people within the niche.

    I recently discovered one really easy to narrow a site down to a more focused niche, and I wanted to share it here.

    Once you find the niche you want to focus on, further narrow it down into one of these ways:

    1. [niche] for Beginners
    2. [niche] for Women
    3. Parents Guide to [niche]

    These focuses offer some huge advantages.

    For beginners, you'll often find that people getting into a new hobby will have specific things they want or need to buy, and they're often not sure what they need. Help them figure that out.

    Women are a great niche because they're often very social. If they find your site useful, they're much more likely to share your site with other women interested in the niche.

    Parents are another great focus because they buy stuff for their kids.

    With any of these niches, you'll gain much greater traction if you build a full-featured site rather than just a thin-affiliate sales site. Not everything on the site will tie in with a product (but some should). That's fine. That pure, helpful content is what's going to get shared, linked to, etc. That will build traffic and PageRank for the entire site. If you can get 100x as much traffic but only 10% of your pages are monetized, aren't you still 10x as well off? (And once you get good traffic, you can consider AdSense, CPM banners, or sponsorships.)

    Just to pick a random idea, consider a niche like "paintball". Now pick one of the ways to narrow the niche, like "Paintball for Beginners". Now, try to figure out everything that a beginner to paintball might wonder or need to know. Build a site that covers all of those questions. Give them tips. Tell them basic strategy. Tell them how to keep masks from fogging up. Tell them the advantages of various products. Categorize everything. Interlink your pages for related topics. Tell them the places where they can get the best deals on their equipment and paint.

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    Good advice Michael. Google, right now, is penalizing lots of thin affiliate sites with no purpose other than to divert traffic to a better site - which is what Google is supposed to be doing in the first place.

    So, if you are building a site that is not better in any way than the site you are leading people to your site will probably not rank very highly in the SE's.
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    One more point I wish to add is, lots of newbies in the affiliate arena(include me) do follow the affiliate products which have huge popularity or gravity by then and try to market their sales pages or affiliate links.

    This in turn, fails miserably as the market is already set by the top players and biting a piece from that big is too hard.

    No matter how hard experienced marketers try to educate, its the commission per sale which drives the newbies and after failing a lot number of times, they learn to obey the basics.

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    I certainly agree with your comments on women. Although half my friends on FaceBook are men, 95 percent of the status updates I see are from women. I know a songwriter who has a music blog and he said the same for his readers (or at least those replying to his blog posts).

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    I'll go along with the comments on women, also. Two weeks ago during a seminar on demographics at ThinkThink (Michael, you may recall this), a rep from one of the largest online "checks" players stated that 82% of ALL of their sales are to women.

    We found that out one week "after" we had opened our program - and it sure put a smile on each of our faces. In the very short time since we launched we are seeing that over 90% of our sales are to women. Of course, the name of our business might have some influence on that figure.
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