Take a look at this article about how prevalent spyware is on people's computer from a consultant who specializes in spyware and virus removal...


Spyware: They came from cyberspace
April 11, 2004, 11:14AM
Houston Chronicle

Ken Dwight sneers at a survey showing more than 90 percent of computer users who access the Internet via high-speed connections have spyware on their computer. He doesn't believe it. "From what I'm seeing, it's more like 100 percent," he says. Dwight, a Houston computer consultant who specializes in virus and spyware removal, works mostly with small businesses and home users. No one is spared, he says.

"Just about every PC I look at has something on it, whether it's a hijacked Web page, some kind of search bar that phones home, or adware that comes as part of another program," he says....

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