The second movie installment - "New Moon" - of the TWILIGHT SAGA is about to hit the theaters real soon.

Last year I sold a ton of TWILIGHT SAGA books ... over 2,000 sales ... thru EBAY ... and about 20% were for the 3 book series which is $60 sale.

It was the hottest of hot items. So it might do well again with the new movie helping promote it. Plus, the previous movie - "Twilight" is now in DVD.

I had a one page set up - the custom EBAY widget targetted to the keywords Twilight Saga in 600 by deep enough to show 5 of the offers.
On top of the widgets was content about the series and the author with text links to the series and author imbedded. Below it were text link ads targetted to individual EBAY pages for specific titles for the individual books with a short blurb of what they were about. At the bottom was a general EBAY banner. Although if you plugged in an Adsense banner instead of the generic EBAY banner, that would make more money.

Since I am no longer worthy to be in the EBAY network and Amazon thinks I also am not worthy of making sales for them, you all might get in the game and give it a go. Some of you might make some money.

Now, I would promote it in a heartbeat but I can't find a book seller with a brain who knows how to sell the things and who has a specific landing page for the series and product banners to go with it.

May the Vampire be with you.