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    I hate when merchants lie to me.
    My older sites are manually created and when a merchant makes a change such as leaves one network for another it requires hours of link swapping. But one of my merchants Pets Unlimted who runs several pet thewmed domains such as statelinetack, sent me an email saying that
    In addition, our policy around source codes has changed. Every affiliate link must have a source code at the end of the URL in order for commission to be credited for any sale. Any links without source codes will not be credited commission for the sale.
    Notice its the policy has changed not that there it is impossible due to circumstances beyond their control which effects tracking. It seems to mean that they'll simply stop paying if these changes are not made. These changes for some of my site will involve hours of tedious work that won't generate any additional income for me and of course every time something like this happens a link al3ways slips though, such as a link added to a blog somewhere.

    So I told them, it pisses me off when this stuff is done for marketing reasons, the changes are
    Pets United source codes can be found as the last element of any affiliate URL, and are in the following formats:
    * ?srccode=CJDOG (for example)
    * ?email=CJHORSE (for example)
    This is clearly an attend to get statisical information about who is using a website and who is using email etc and which domain is being used. I don't know if they are on more than one network b/c I think also the cj part may mean which are from cj and for another network they will have say GANDOG.

    So I told them
    Adding something silly like srccode=CJSLT to allow it to track seems like a marketing move so you can keep track not a cj driven requirement.
    and he in my opinion lied to by by replying

    And this is not simply a marketing tracking mechanism. It is the new procedure we are using to determine commission payout for all affiliates. This is why it is very important that the correct source codes are in place on all URLs.
    Which brings up full circle to I hate it when merchants lie to me.
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    I received the same email today. That line of not paying commission scared me so I went to CJ interface to check out their "new" links. What supprised me is that all the text links and banner links(at least the ones I checked) are exactly the same I'm having on my site. I don't see any links with the "cource codes" they mention on the email.

    What are they trying to do? Don't they know the holiday season is here and we don't have much time to goof around?

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    They're not lying to you, they're just really bad at simple explanation skills.

    They've baked the ?srccode=CJDOG into their existing links - If you're just using normal links, no change needed. If you're using URL redirects to redirect to a specific page, you'll need to add ?srccode=CJDOG or whatever to the end of the "&url=" segment in order for it to set the right cookie on their end to fire the right network's pixel.

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    It's just another way to move affiliates out of the commission stream ... drop'em like a hot rock and put up some other pet shop link. There is no law you have to send them traffic for nothing.

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