Well it says I cant post links, so I guess I'm out of luck, but I'm trying to set up an affiliate re-direct link to an Applian product and... I set it up in godaddys forwarding option - it worked; at least it looked like it worked. The page source had my affiliate ID in it, so I asked them to review it and tell me if it was working for them. The guy said he recommended Javascript but said he wouldn't know if it worked unless I buy it and request a refund. I already bought it and kind of didn't want to buy it again because whatever the refund 'process' is; I don't want to go through it, so I tried to set it up in Java with website tonight. I copied and pasted this script (with a different URL) in the "insert script" option:

Anyway, if anyone can help me with this I'd really appreciate it. The people at Applian are nice but they don't what I'm talking about. They seem to know about banners and flasy ad's. Anyone help?