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    multiple products-1 checkout?
    Hi. So basically I can narrow down my dilemma to two specific questions. 1) can I integrate multiple products into a singular shopping cart on my own site (to avoid the customer having to fill out multiple ordering/payment forms at each merchant's site)? 2) is this possible through use of the data feed, then using php instead of HTML and some third party shopping cart software? I would appreciate any input on this manner.
    I have reviewed all previous posts, so hopefully I'm bringing up something new and beneficial for many users. Thank you in advance.

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    You can't have folks checking out on your site unless you are selling the merchandise yourself. You would be responsible for customer service issues like lost and broken shipments, refunds and all kinds of things that are completely out of your hands. The affiliate is supposed to send the shoppers to the merchant's site to make purchases. That's how PopShops links are set up. Unless you have a merchant account, a payment gateway and your own merchandise, a shopping cart is not needed.

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