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    Affiliate Network Question
    Hey Gang,

    I am new here on the forum and have joined Avantlink this year. They are smaller network and have been great to get our "feet wet" so to speak. Do any other Merchants have any opinions on them and how they have worked for them?

    We are also going to join one of the bigger Affiliate Networks around the beginning of the year, to give us time to ramp-up for next years season. This question is for merchants.. (all affiliates please chime in too). Of the big Networks out there... PJ, CJ, GAN, SaS.. which is the best to work with. We don not plan to join more than one of the big networks until we have the budgets and resources..


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    You sell a very specialized focus (pool products) so my recommendation would be SaS as they cater to the more boutique audience and you'll likely find a good mix of affiliates there that would do well for you.

    If SaS does well for you and you continue to see growth after a year or so then I would jump to one of the Big 3 - CJ, LS, or GAN. Of those three I'm biased towards CJ.
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    Hi Crazylegs, and welcome.

    If you do a search, you will find countless threads on the relative merits of the networks.

    Generally, what you will find can be summed up as follows: As an affiliate, SAS is generally the most favored network, and many affiliates think highly of Avantlink and CJ probably has the most to offer, with the least objectionable downside, of the major networks, and as with SAS, we affiliates know when we will get paid. Major issues the last year or two with Linkshare (parasites and LS owned by the same company; miserable new interface) and GAN (required Adsense account that has forced countless successful affiliates out of the network) have reduced their appeal considerably. There is no way that I would EVER consider joining pepperjam (if you are actually considering them, please first do a thorough search).

    Also, you should do a search of the serious downside of being on more than one network.

    As an affiliate for almost 10 years, I just do not see any benefit whatsoever for a merchant who is already on SAS in joining ANY other network.

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