Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce the AlpaLuxe affiliate program!

Program Highlights:
7% commission
Over $100 average sales order
No SEM or keyword bidding restrictions
Commission duration 30 Days
BYOL available

AlpaLuxe offers an extensive collection of Men's and Women's scarves, shawls, apparel, and other accessories made from the luxurious fibers of the Peruvian Noble Creatures - The Alpaca, Baby Alpaca, Royal Baby Alpaca, Vicuņa, and Guanco. As an affiliate, you can earn a generous 7% commission on sales of these products made from the same fabric and material reserved for the Incan elite and royalty.

Each item from our exclusive line is made 100% from these fibers and silk (rather than partially from these fibers and cotton or other fabric as fillers). In terms of our products, this ensures the customer of the highest-quality stitching, unparalleled feel, and unique designs and styles.

AlpaLuxe is committed to continuing the ancient tradition of only the finest weaving and knits from Peru, South America. After more than ten years in the wholesale & retail business in the United States, exporting from Peru, the owners of AlpaLuxe are proud to present this new collection of exceptional shawls, scarves and hats. Only the very top quality has been carefully selected for this collection. AlpaLuxe is proud to continue this heritage of excellence handed down from as far back as 1,200-1,400 AD where the early Pre-Colombian Cultures, produced incredible examples of textiles now exhibited in the most important museums, worldwide. The Inca Empire, from early 13th Century to 1533 reserved their finest garments made of Baby Alpaca, Guanaco and Vicuna, retained for the elite royalty.

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