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    Time to Dump EBay?
    I've never been a BIG eBay affiliate - I have no sites or even pages dedicated to them, I just use them as a customer option on brand-type pages (didn't see the right color acme widget here, see more acme widgets at ebay). I had a small but steady return with them since I implemented this strategy.

    Since they changed over to their new commission system, which seemed to be basically an AdSense-type pay-per-click-type system, I first saw a decline in "commissions" of around 75-90%. But now, I'm also seeing days where I HAVE CLICKS and receive $0 EARNINGS. How can this be a PPC system if they do not pay for clicks? What, if anything, DO they pay for?

    It's time to dumb eBay.

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    Unfortunately since payout is no longer directly associated with specific sales, no one actually knows what they do and don't pay for.

    I can't complain though, as I'm up almost 30% since October 1 under QPC versus the old forumula (WBR * .55 + ACRU * 28).
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    I gave up on them long time ago. It is too difficult to follow what they are up to ...

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    I think they just sent out a Partner Network survey. Wonder how that worked out for them.
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    I think if your EPC drops below 0.01, they don't pay on clicks, which is ridiculous. They're getting free traffic then. And I'm not sure ACRUs count anymore because I got two of them and it didn't do anything to my EPC, in fact, my EPC went DOWN.

    It's sad, but I'm longing for the days they were on CJ...
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    I saw $0.00 EPC for 11/1 through 11/9 and thought it must be a reporting bug that would be fixed. 11/10 to 11/12 are showing as $.14 EPC. I don't see how that could be accurate but then I don't do any big numbers with EPN and haven't researched the EPC calculation.

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    since they don't pay for ACRU's, I've been busy removing all the recruiting creatives on my sites.

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