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    Do You Use A Meta Tag Checker On Your Blog?
    Usually these all work fine.

    Something didn't look quite right and I checked the source code of my pages and noticed I had 2 description tags. And one of them was showing my Tagline. The Tagline being some words you can put in under Settings - General.

    I was using the Arras theme and checked the header.php and noticed:

    <meta name="description" content="<?php bloginfo('description') ?>" />

    So I took that out and now my meta tags are good. Using a few of those meta tags checkers and some of them were showing my description as:

    My Tagline, then the description I put in my All In One Seo.

    So was just wondering if anybody uses meta tag checkers like the ones you can find in Google where you just input the url or do you check the source code after using a new theme or do you check at all?

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    I don't use the meta tag checkers.

    I just view source to make sure the metas are correct since as you pointed out plugins are funky and overwrite or add things, esp if you have more than one for seo. I esp. check for the robots indexing since they are all different on the pages, posts, etc.

    I also don't display my tagline in my posts since that is unimpt to me in each post. I'd rather use that space for keyword rich titles/descriptions.

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