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    December 27th, 2005
    Any Ideas?
    I usually do a decent amount of sales through one of my merchants at GAN but I have not had one sale with them since Oct. 26. The clickthrough number is the same just no transactions.

    I did do a feed update since then but the links all seem to work for me and since the clickthrough number is the same, I don't think that would be it.

    The merchant doesn't seem to have done anything with their landing pages. I did a trial checkout (I didn't actually submit CC data) and all seemed fine there.

    Any thoughts? Anyone experienced anything similar?

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    If its a merchant I care about, I usually do a test order. If you don't want the item, then maybe you can cancel the order before it ships or return it. I just did a test order yesterday for a GAN merchant (accidentally as it turns out) and cancelled immediately and it did still track in GAN.

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    December 27th, 2005
    Thanks Cathy, I really appreciate your thoughts.

    Apparently just posting here caused some type of affiliate hoodoo to happen because I just had a sale come through. Maybe it was just an odd dry spell.

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    Well I'll post too then to see if the "hoodoo" wears off on me too. GAN has been a little quiet for me during just about the same time frame mentioned here.

    Maybe the combined effects of rent due on first of month, long-term effects of gasoline cost starting to kick in, and the seasonal spike in heating bills has got buyers laying low.
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    Please feel free to send me the advertiser name and I will investigate.



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