You know i had a dream to work with cxdigital media network. Finally i got approval . I worked with this company and generated revenue too. At the time of payment (via Cheque) my affiliate manger don't mention the country name and finally i did not get the cheque. Now my affiliate manager (Justin Spigelman) is saying that you have been paid the commission already. If i ask him whom account my check has been credited, he has no answer. I want to draw the attention of cx digital media network and ask that Why the affiliate manager do so. I think they are not doing fair with the company. From this work the craz of the company will reduce. The CEO and Finance department of the digital media should ask the affiliate manger why they are doing so. How much any affiliates work for the company and they have problem to payout.

I hope that my issue will reach to the Higher Authority and will try to sort out my problem.