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As promised, we have been diligently working at making our site more convertible for your site traffic! We have painstakingly done everything possible to ensure that we have updated and made the appropriate changes you requested, from making our products more easily accessible for instant purchases on the Home Page to ensuring we add any and all information to assist your site visitor in making a quicker more informed decision. Please take a moment now to view our new Home Page by clicking here!

We Need Your Feedback!

Iíd like to take this opportunity to ask for your sincere and unbiased help on the future development of our site and landing pages. We would like to hear directly from you on what we could do to better service your traffic. We are offering $25.00 to a limited amount of Affiliate Partners that would like to give us a quick review and their thoughts on the site. I have a limit of 5 slots open, so donít miss out.


We have already agreed to develop a few landing pages for our affiliate partners and we would love to create and customize a page for you. So please, email us at or call us at 305 412 35121. We look forward to hearing from you!

Important Stats

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