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    Your Comments are greatly appreciated!
    Hello my name is Anthony and I am entirely new to the affiliate world.

    I am reading as much as I can on the topic and trying to get as much advice from you guys as possible.

    My website is done, and my product is an energy supplement (I created it, its a legit one!!) and I am still in college. I would like to get this affiliate thing together before I graduate!

    I have set it up with 1shoppingcart as a two tiered program, is this a good idea?

    Also, where/how do I go about finding quality affiliates that would be interested in my product?

    May I post my website here for you guys to give some constructive criticism?(I do not want to break and rules so I thought I would ask first)

    Again, I am entirely new to this world so any and all advice/mentoring/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you for your time and consideration,


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    Welcome to ABW Anthony! The best way to build a solid program is to learn from others' mistakes and read around here. I suggest starting at the Merchant Best Practices forum, lots of helpful info there:
    Also stop by this one: that explains the best way to get good use of the entire forum. When you've got everything ready to go, then you stop here:

    Good Luck!

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    Two-tier commissions are generally looked upon as a bad thing by most (but not all) affiliates. We're generally better at (and more interested in) producing sales, not recruiting other affiliates (which just becomes competition for us). With a two-tier system, there's the perception (if not the reality) that we're only getting part of the commission we deserve.

    If you search, you should be able to find some previous threads on that subject, but that's the argument against two-tier commissions, in a nutshell.

    You might also want to read through the links in my sig, as most of them are oriented toward new merchants.

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    I totally agree with what MichaelColey said and focus your attention and energy on sales promotion, because you are a new merchant and sales will bring u profit. Two-tier commissions will encourage affiliates to recruit new affiliates and not to focus on sales promotion

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