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    Questions about reapplying/reactivation
    I was deactivated from GAN because I did not link to Google account by deadline. I never received the email or any type of notification that my account would be deactivated if I did not link. I always thought this was optional.

    Anyway, I linked my accounts after the deadline, but my account is still deactivated. After 3 emails to support I have not heard anything back, so I am trying here to hopefully get some questions answered.

    I have earnings from before July 2009 and was close to the $50 threshold, but I do not think I hit it. The Google help FAQ says earnings prior to July 2009 are still subject to $50 threshold, but a Google employee on the help forums said even if you did not meet the threshold you would be paid all commissions prior to July 2009.

    I would like to get my old account reactivated so I can see exactly how much I am owed. I also do not want to have to change a bunch of links. I do not see why an account cannot be reactivated. They still have my Publisher ID at the bottom and Google would not just delete these records. Most likely it has just been marked as deactivated in database and all that would have to be done is to mark it active.

    I clicked the link to "reapply" to GAN and it has my Publisher ID, name and display name at bottom. What I would like to know is if I reapply will I keep my old Publisher ID (so I don't have to switch out links) and past commission earnings reports? If not is there any possible way that I can have my account reactivated and if not why can't an account be reactivated?

    Also when can I expect to be paid commissions earned from before July 2009?

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    Your account can't be reactivated.

    You will receive commissions once the advertiser has paid us.

    If you want to send me your old username, I can try to gather that info for you.

    Thank you,


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