I am currently working to start a company called advancing that will compete with (what is a crowded space), but also a newer site called thefind - both in ecommerce search/compare. I was wondering if people could air out opinions or wax poetic on what they thought of new companies in this space.

1 - any warm feelings about thefind? They do claim to offer having a massive data scrape. Although it's unclear to me how valuable all that extra data is...
2 - overall frustrations with CSEs? Are consumers getting enough service here to land at what they want?

My main complaint, reason I'm starting a company, is there is not enough innovative software development being employed in this space. Very few groups in Silicon Valley (or elsewhere) are tackling the tech problem - which is namely that of having a fairly large, yet finite data set, and little to no tools to evaluate that data. Categories seem too crude in the comparison process, etc. Do others share my frustration?