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    Really Bad Soar Throat? Try Advil
    I have always been a Tylenol guy for pain relief. Never really tried Advil. Last week I had a soar throat that would not go away and it got to the point where I didn't want to swallow because it hurt so much. I couldn't get an appointment with my regular PCP, so I went to a walk in clinic.

    The throat swab came up negative for strep, which surprised me given how soar it was. I did get an anti-biotic for bronchitis, but the doctor suggested Advil for the soar throat. He said my tonsils were very red and a bit swollen. He recommended Advil to reduce the swelling/inflammation.

    I got some Advil, took 2, and within an hour my throat felt so much better. I had been taking Tylenol prior to going to the clinic which wasn't working very well.

    In case you have a really bad soar throat and haven't tried Advil, given my experience, you may want to see if it works for you.

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    When I lived in the USA, I always took Advil over Tylenol. Never took it for a sore throat. Makes sense though

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    I've found Aleve to be even more effective, and will often alternate between Advil and Aleve.

    I've always wondered if our bodies build up a resistance to the painkillers we take most frequently, and if changing up once in a while helps.

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    For pain caused by inflammation/swelling, it's best to use Tylenol in conjunction with Ibuprofen. In addition to reducing the swelling, Ibuprofen interacts with Tylenol in such a manner as to produce a compound that is much more effective in reducing pain than the Tylenol itself would.
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    Aleve is very effective, but my stomach can't handle it. Felt like I had swallowed an auger. Ibuprofin's good too, but my stomach can't handle that, either (although it's not as bad as Aleve).

    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelColey
    I've always wondered if our bodies build up a resistance to the painkillers we take most frequently, and if changing up once in a while helps.
    I think that does happen. Personally I switch between aspirin, Excedrin, and Tylenol. Strangely, even though Excedrin is just aspirin and aceteminophen (Tylenol) with some caffeine, taking each painkiller separately on occasion seems to work as if they were totally different things.

    As for a sore throat specifically, I don't know what works. As a kid I tried many syrups, but they were totally worthless, so I've just toughed it out ever since. I'll have to remember to try popping a couple of Excedrins if I get another...
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