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    Questionable link, Do I need to worry?
    I've noticed a trickle of traffic appearing in my logs from a porn site. I couldn't see a link on the site anywhere so I'm guessing this is either a link dropper or perhaps maybe the person is generally interested in my site and they keep their links there. I dunno.

    Anyhow, I not so worried about the content on the site, but more worried about the perceived relationship between the two sites, if the link is seen by search bots. (I don't even know if it is)

    Do I need to worry or just let it go? I would hate to block someone truly interested.

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    Don't worry, the SEs know you can't control who links to you. For years a p-o-r-n site in Iceland was linking to one of my family-friendly fun pages. It was unsettling but nothing bad came of it and eventually the linkage stopped.

    However, be very careful about clicking on unusual links that show up in your tracker. You could get a virus that way.

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    I had that happen with one of my old sites and generally they want you to click on their links so don't click.

    However, it became so bad that the linkage started to show up in Alexa which was not a good thing. I was appalled at Alexa for even listing these sites. I complained to them and now they are gone. I also blocked these sites in my .htaccess file just in case too.

    Now I start seeing a few links popping up on one of my new sites and I am debating what to do also...

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    jacked by sylon
    Block them at your new site too.

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    A lot of times, it's just "referrer spam" rather than links. Some unscrupulous people realize that many webmasters look at referrers to see where their traffic is coming from and some web sites publish their referrers, so they forge the referrer information with fake (bot) traffic. They get traffic and backlinks by doing that.
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    Moral - don't publish your referral stream and they will go away.
    If it becomes a nuisance, just block those sites (or better yet fake bots posing as those sites)

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    some web sites publish their referrers
    I had really forgotten that some do that which explains why I never understood why someone would go thru the trouble to spam referrals (that's what I was calling link dropping, but knew there was another name :>) ). I'd think one must be extremely desperate for links if they need to do that.

    Thanks for the opinions. I'm going to leave it alone for now but I'll keep an eye on it.
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    I have a few porn sites one is a big one that has me as a link to the Not 18 or Do not Enter link.

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    No need to worry on those links. The best way is to block those sites.

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    So long as they aren't causing any harm, just ignore them. In general the only way to play their game is to visit their site after they do that. If you don't do that, they don't get anything out of it anyway.

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