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    January 18th, 2005
    eBay broken?
    Is anybody able to get search results for anything on ebay?
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    January 18th, 2005
    Down since the morning.

    PHPBay, Bans sites not working, not that it matters.

    *try selecting 'Include title and description'. Seems to work.
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    Here's part of the email epn sent out this morning.

    As you may know, the site has been experiencing issues with search results since Saturday morning US Pacific time. This same issue is also affecting RSS and API feeds in the US as well as a few additional countries. As a result, any creative placements and widgets that use these systems may not be rendering correctly on your sites. A number of technical teams have been working all day on fixing the issue and will continue through the evening/night until it is resolved. We may also delay posting earnings and EPC?s on Sunday while we assess the overall impact.

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    I think it's clear what happened.

    The EPN manager was promoted to the Search dept and immediately implemented a search quality requirement, with instant bans for searchers that broke an unpublished quality standard.

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    From the ebay forums:

    Hi everyone,

    We just met internally to look through the earnings numbers from yesterday. You can see a week over week effect in some of the metrics due to this issue - though some affiliates seem to have been less affected by this. We'll go ahead and post earnings numbers for yesterday in the interface in the next few hours so you have those.

    We'll be looking into the impact of this dip for the next couple of days to see what kind of makegood may need to happen to compensate. We do want to wait for a few days to go by so we can look at the whole picture of clicks and earnings this week, and with the Thanksgiving holiday, we probably won't communicate on a makegood until the week after Thanksgiving.

    Going forward from today, we're activating a system that will ensure that Saturday's performance does not negatively impact your history for the purposes of calculating your EPC.
    So, it looks like there may be some sort of makegood in the works, but it probably won't be announced til after Thanksgiving.
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