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    Hey everyone,

    I am wondering what your experiences are as a merchant or affiliate with
    Link Connector. I am looking at them for a merchant I work with but have to say their pricing is a tad on the eclectic side...

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    Do a search for them here. Then after you see that you won't want to use them, pick a better network like Avantlink or SAS

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    One of their big selling points (to merchants) is "naked links". Merchants love that feature because they get PageRank from them. Affiliates hate that feature, because the merchants are getting additional benefits from affiliate links without providing any additional compensation.

    As an affiliate, I don't even have an account there. I prefer networks that have a more affiliate-centric focus, and "naked links" is very affiliate-unfriendly.

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    Holy... WOW... I'm very grateful I found this thread or I might have signed up for them. Same for a certain pepper.

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