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    A round watermelon can take up a lot of room in a refrigerator, and the higher the shelf it's on, the more likely it is to roll out onto the floor (splat). Not to mention rolling out of the car onto the street or driveway (splat) before you even get it home.

    Well, some enterprising people in Japan have seen the problem and developed a solution:

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    Wonder if they're seedless ?


    My kids and grand poopers can eat from a square bowl. ( they like the ends )

    I'd buy one just 'cause it's cool.

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    Cool idea, just don't buy them Japan. Back in 2001 they were selling for around $82. But, that's only about twice the price of a normal watermelon. I'm not sure I'd pay $82, or even $41 for a regular watermelon.
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    Don't they also grow bonsai cats like this. Put a cat's head into square bottle and as the cat grows, the head takes a square shape.

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    And there is also this:
    I guess cooked egg white is still a liquid.
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    That reminds me of the veggies they grow at Disney. They are shaped like mouse ears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesehead
    And there is also this:
    I guess cooked egg white is still a liquid.
    Okay, my favorite part about that was the packaging for the tool...the chicken is laying a cubical egg and saying "Ouch" in two languages. That's pretty awesome.

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    Amazing! I saw this a while back.. I don't like how people are genetically tampering with our foods. We don't even know what we are really eating anymore....

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    This has nothing to do with genetics.

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    fruit is pretty expensive in Japan. I'm sure this is "all natural"

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