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    Merchandise Sales Cycles
    We all know that there are sales cycles where certain products perform very well. Gardening products in the spring, toys at Christmas....

    I used to have a list of items that always went on sale certain times of the year, so that I could take advantage of the reduced prices. Were any of these items put on a sales cycle by the merchants (or an industry) themselves instead of reacting to consumer demand?

    Do you think that some sales cycles have diminished somewhat due to more purchasing being done online? (Products are always available instead of just when a merchant stocks the store)

    Are there certain products that one doesn't associate with a sales cycle but still drops off during the holidays? What? What products, if any, completely tank this time of year and completely bounce back in January?

    Do you think this information is important to an affiliate marketer, especially newbies? I would think being armed with sales cycles would at the very least keep one from being disappointed over slow sales in a down cycle.

    Does anyone have any great resources to share, specifically a very comprehensive list?
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    I think there have been similar discussions in the past. Some from the top of my head:

    Most consumer items - The time leading up to Christmas
    Travel - Summer
    Office Products - January (when new budgets are released)
    Diet & Fitness - January (New Year's Resolutions)
    Clothing - Back to School
    Chocolate, Roses, etc. - Valentine's Day and Mother's Day

    Anyone have anything to add?

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    While it doesn't show actual sales volume, I think you can get a pretty good picture from Google Insights and/or Google Trends.

    On the merchant side, I find this to be a VERY accurate tool in determining what's going to come when.

    However, you can't reverse engineer the process there so to speak. You can learn that "fishing waders" are hot in March/April, but you can't ask "what should my fishing site be pushing in March/April".
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    We see fitness equipment sales peak in Q1 followed by a second peak in Q3.

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