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    How do we generate LEADS in specific location?
    Hello everyone,

    Trust everyone is having a productive day.

    I currently market in the five boros of NYC.
    How would one target a certain location to market online?
    Can we have articles or press releases submitted for certain areas only?
    I came up with forums that are area specific ex Bronx, Brooklyn, etc, and
    Websites that separate communities by location.
    I would think that SEO would not apply. Maybe a blog with title that
    specifies that its only for NY metro area residents.
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    Geo-target with adwords.

    I target Manhattan for a service that runs $8000 to $12000 per month.

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    November 21st, 2009
    Thanks Mackin for the reply.

    found more information to share with group.
    * Geo adwords is a good way thanks again to Mr.Mackin for info.

    Traditional advertising local newspapers, billboard, newsletter, community papers,
    radio, television. flyers, magazines,

    * Submit to offline and online directories that service your area. Paid and/or Unpaid.

    Yahoo, Yahoo Yellow pages, MSN, AOL, Google, etc...

    * Articles may be targeted for areas as well, online and offline. Paid and/or unpaid.

    * Press releases for local area online and offline. Paid and/or unpaid.

    * Blogs,website, Landing pages etc.. may be SEO optimized for specific area.

    * Online and offline directories for your area.. Paid and unpaid.
    Yahoo yellow pages etc...

    * Classified ads online and offline. Paid and unpaid

    * Leave a footprint on relevant and competitors blogs and websites in your area...

    Exchange links with other sites in niche...

    * Online forums for area and niche

    * Social media posts in separated by area and niche

    * Bookmarking sites. Bookmarking relevant sites. They will then bookmark our site.

    * email marketing, direct mail marketing...targeted for area and niche of course

    Any other ideas or if I am incorrect with any of my suggestions please advise.


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