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    Feeling a Google Update As We Speak - 11/25/09
    I'm watching my stats and something is a happenin' right now ....

    My backlinks are going berserk ....

    High Ranking pages are showing improvement one hour and back to normal the next..

    PageRank bar is useless....

    Although I liked the 10 / 10 ranking for an hour...

    Unfortunately, everything was 10 / 10...

    Ya think they are implementing the Caffeine Update???

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    Hmmm .. I have not heard of Google Update in a while. Given the shopping season around the corner, it would not surprise me that all major SEs update their stuff with their latest algos and create buzz about it a bit

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    Google has been talking about this update "caffeine" for months now. I am looking forward to it.
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    I am not seeing any difference at all. At least from my computer.

    You're not logged into google are you?

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    Saw this post and thought Caffeine....It is November-Feb so could be launching or testing.....
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    I noticed some "funkiness" in the stats yesterday too. For me, Adwords was down for maybe a half an hour in the morning, and I think that had something to do with it. (CTR was much lower than normal, but conversions were way up, but by the end of the day they had returned to normal levels.) Kind of like when there is a reporting delay at CJ.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollerblader
    Saw this post and thought Caffeine....It is November-Feb so could be launching or testing.....
    They're rolling it out on a hosting centre basis because it's so major. They remove an entire hosting centre from the pool, upgrade it to caffeine, then put it back in the pool again.

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