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    Rivalry Week In College Football
    Happy Thanksgiving To All!

    Now all us sports fans know that the best part of Thanksgiving Week isn't the food or the after-Thanksgiving sales...

    It's the FOOTBALL. Rivalry Week in College Football. I just doesn't get much better than this.

    Upsets anyone?

    Here some of the bigger games of the week:

    Texas - Texas A&M
    Alabama - Auburn
    Nebraska - Colorado
    Clemson - South Carolina
    Ole Miss - Mississippi State
    Oklahoma - Oklahoma State
    Florida - Florida State
    Virginia - Virginia Tech
    Arizona - Arizona State
    Kansas - Missouri
    Utah - BYU
    Washington - Washington State
    Georgia - Georgia Tech
    Notre Dame - Stanford
    UCLA - USC
    LSU - Arkansas

    So, any BIG UPSETS gonna happen this week? If so, which game and which team upsets the other?

    At the start of the season, I wouldn't have guessed I would make this pick, but...

    MY PICK: I think the Oklahoma Sooners upset the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

    It is so weird to type that. Oklahoma UPSETS Oklahoma State. It is usually the other way around.

    Make your pick. No prizes will be awarded, but you will get the pleasure of saying...

    HA HA I told ya!

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    I'm going to the Kansas/Missouri game and I'm hopeful that KU can upset MU. I figure if my Chiefs can beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, ANYTHING can happen.

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU!!!!!


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    SHERI: I am pulling Kansas in that match-up as well. Nothing against Missouri, I just don't like how some are smearing one of the better coaches in college football. But that's another story. So, GO JAYHAWKS! Win one for Mangino!

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    My business partner is an Oregon alum, so I'm stuck listening every year how good the Ducks are.....seems to actually have come true finally.

    Huge game tonight Oregon/Oregon State. Good to have the country introduced to the Civil War, which growing up in California I wasn't even aware of before the last few years.

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