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    First, thanks for this awesome allposters script. It works great.

    One question though, I do have the script installed and working fine. I am using the virtual sub-directory set-up. My question is this, is it possivle for the default home page to show only the sports category and it's "kids" rather than the generic best sellers?

    This is the setup I have in the apws.ini.txt file: "67798" # Bestsellers category used by {}
    cat.none.redirect yes # Redirect to category if no results

    catname.67798 "Posters" # Name of root category
    catname.none "Posters" # Name of nameless results

    yet what is displayed on the home page by default is the generic bestsellers.
    You can check it out by going to

    Thanks again!
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    I don't see any posters on your website so I assume that you must have removed the script for the time being.

    Use the categories configuration variable to specify the root category. For "Traditional Sports" (category 67798), use:

    categories 67798

    However, for some unknown reason,'s APWS server is currently not returning any posters for that particular category (I don't know if that's a temporary problem at So if you use that particular categories setting, you will currently see just a list of subcategories but no bestsellers displayed under that list. The subcategories do show poster images. (There's no configuration variable to show an alternate category when no posters are in the selected category.)

    I see that you have pages for each sports category, such as baseball.html that shows baseball news. You can include baseball posters on that page by using via an SSI include statement such as:

    <#--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/apws/"-->

    and you can add the grid= parameter to specify the grid size, such as a 3-column x 2-row grid:


    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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