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    trouble with "make a page" tool

    I am new, so bear with me. I am having a lot of trouble with "make a page" tool. I fill in all the forms and "no products match your search" always comes up or not all the products I want.
    For example for Timeless Message, I can't get more than a few bottles to come up with html to make a page.

    Is there a secret to this? Please help!


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    hmm if Timeless Message is a program I'm not familiar with it but yeap, sometimes it is umm a bit of a challenge to get what you exactly want.

    You can try just choosing the merchant you want and then either choose a broad category and see if you get results. If you do, you can just choose those products you want from the html to place on your site. can opt to not choose any category at all and type in a keyword where it lets you type in. That should give you some results. If you choose a specific keyword but get no results try a broader keyword and that should definitely give you some results.

    If none of this works, the merchant may just not have that large of a selection. See if any of this helps, if not I'll try to pop back in later if for some reason nobody else is able to help and I'll see if I can think of somethin else. Hope it helps

    oops forgot, everybody is new in the beginning so don't worry, we're very patient

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    November 6th, 2009

    Thanks so much for the help. I will try those ideas and see what happens. Too late now, getting ready for nite-nite!!


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