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    payment ?
    hallo i am publisher with CJ from July-august 2009 and i am still waiting for my 1st payment with cj but they are not replying my answer ..i asked 2 time "when will i get paid" they did not answered clear and question status reset to "solved" ...............any authority from CJ is here who is listening me

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickname999
    ....any authority from CJ is here who is listening me
    Probably no-one. Reps from CJ occasionally post a new program here (even that's been a while) but they never respond to ANY requests for information or support here. Sort of like trying to communicate with them on their site. My experience in dealing with CJ has been to use the phone for the best chance of a resolution (or any kind of answer for that matter). You can try Client Support at 1-800-761-1072.

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    in your the "Transaction Reports" tab, in the "Pending Commissions" area, are most of your commissions locked?

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