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    Checking the spam inbox today..
    While checking my spam inbox a few minutes ago...I was offered a Ro1exRep1ica watch by none other than Concha LaShell. If nothing else, at least the spammers are getting a bit humorous with some their names.

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    Isn't Concha LaShell that jewelry store in the land of Jimmy Buffet - right down the road from Walla Martha?

    I've also noticed a swelling of the spam folders since Thursday. Those b*st*rds must also have their Black Friday agendas.
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    This one that came today is not as funny but sure had me laughing:

    Subject: High Converting product for affiliates

    Message: Hi
    I ahve some products with high converting sales page please check and
    let me know we can havesome negotiations if required for huge sales
    And to top it off the link was written wrong and did not work.
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    I got the best one from (Moderator-feel free to delete if too inappropriate):

    Dixie Normas
    Dyan Carlson
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    Groan. I had to read that one a few times before I got it.

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