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    Duplicates in one field...
    Say you have a csv like this:

    pepto-bismol, $4.99
    maalox, $3.89
    maalox, $3.29
    tylenol, $7.39

    And say in webmerge you want the pages to be named after the 'name' field. I want webmerge to only choose one 'maalox'- doesn't matter which one.

    How would I do that? The csv is too large to do it by hand...I can import it in excel, but then it doesn't consider the two maalox lines to be duplicates because the whole line isn't the same.

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    October 10th, 2006
    Ahh...I see webmerge automatically picks the first one and ignore any future duplicates when doing naming, though not in other cases. Didn't realize that.

    Anyway, a mod is welcome to delete this thread, thanks.

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