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    New to Data feeds! Where Do I start?
    Hi Noob question:

    I have used SAS for several months but now want to encorporate some merchant Data Feeds into my pages. Can someone give me some pointers where to start.?

    I downloaded a .scv file for my merchant which is about 11.9 MB text file of code and products. How do i integrate this into my site, are there any guides i can read?



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    How to FTP and Import SAS datafeeds

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    First, I'm not sure what you mean when you say that you want to "incorporate some merchant datafeeds into [your] pages." That concept covers a broad range of strategies and practices.

    If you're truly a "noob" as you say, then you might find it much easier to use third-party services like GoldenCAN or PopShops (or maybe Datafeedr, if you use WordPress) to select and display products from merchants you're affiliated with. If you want to include "everything" on your site (not really an effective strategy), WebMerge is probably the easiest solution, but it also has a "learning curve."

    As mentioned in the other thread cited above, working effectively with datafeeds "yourself" requires some familiarity with the underlying technology (for example, PHP & MySQL, and a little bit of Linux knowledge, to implement most solutions). There are some "off-the-shelf" scripts, like Datafeed Studio and PriceTapestry, or Carsten Cumbrowski's scripts, which may meet the needs of some publishers, while requiring somewhat less technical knowledge.

    Before you start, you should recognize that incorporating datafeed content into your site might also have SEO effects (e.g. Google may recognize this as "duplicate content" and reduce your SERP -- so your site appears lower in search results than it did before you added datafeed content).

    My advice: spend 10 hours reading through past discussion threads about using datafeeds, here on ABW. Start with the discussion thread cited above. Then come back and ask more questions.

    Note that ABW generally prohibits the posting of "affiliate URLs" and thus you may find it difficult to ask questions that identify examples (e.g. you can't just say "How can I integrate content the way does it?").
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