Hello everyone -

Just a quick note on Jamster - they dumped all US Affiliates due to "compliancy rules" ...

Over the past year compliancy rules and regulations in the mobile content market have become more and more strict. This has resulted in countless audits, fines, and affiliate partners links being pulled. Because of the seriousness of the liability involved in affiliate offers for mobile content, Jamster has decided to deactivate the public US offer and pull all links associated with the program. The full scope of legacy compliancy issues and constant policing of the program has hurt the growth potential of this channel and we have been left with little to no options.

This is not the resolution that we have liked to proceed with, but because of the servility of the punishments but certain carriers, we are left with no choice. We greatly appreciate all of the business that our affiliates have sent to the Jamster program over the years and wish all of you the best of luck.