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    Amusing Blog Comments
    A while back someone shared interesting comments posted to their blog. I found a few tonight, but unfortunately I couldn't find that thread. (If a moderator wants to merge this with that thread if they can find it, go right ahead.) Of course, none of them had to do with the topic and most of them were from Russian visitors. Yes, I need to enable Akismet on this blog. Just something I haven't gotten around to yet...

    So here they are:

    If money doesnít grow on trees then why do banks have branches?

    useful information. Itís the best

    Why is a square meal served on round plates?

    Why is Charlie short for Charles if they are both the same number of letters?

    When a store has double doors why do they only let you use one of them?

    How much money would an average college philosopher make?

    How much money is needed to live without doing work and earn money without effort?

    Why is this cost increasing when enrollment is decreasing?

    How much money does the Treasury typically print?
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    Here's one I had for a post I did on camera pricing which had nothing to do with my post, but instead mocked my use of URl shorteners:

    Someone propagating url shortened links is not allowed to talk about what is broken on the web.

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