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    ABW CookBook!
    Ok, maybe not right now...

    But I know we talk about eating A LOT (meaning frequently, not quantity).

    How about sharing some of your favorite recipes for anything from BBQ (waiting for Leeann's recipe for BBQ Cajun Shrimp) to a favorite beverage, or even a FRIED BOLOGNA sandwich?

    Since we are from all over the world, we have a wonderful opportunity to really learn about different cuisines. I bet Geno Prussakov has some wonderful Russian recipes (would love a homemade Zapekenka recipe!) and maybe Veena has some great ideas for curries!

    What do you guys think?
    Maybe one day we could gather all of these together and put in a book to raise money for a great cause, like Missy's walks or Michael's extended family!

    Just a thought...

    Dyan Carlson
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    Neat idea. We collect recipes at our blog. Would be happy to contribute a couple.
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    You'll find some in this thread. I had the same idea four years ago:

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    I'd be in too, I know there are a TON of foodies in this industry

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    Here's a quick and easy snack that's so easy I've got it memorized. Peanut butter fans will love it...

    1/2 cup peanut butter
    1/2 cup honey
    1/2 cup powdered milk
    1/2 cup crushed cornflakes (optional)

    Mix thoroughly, roll into balls, chill for half an hour in the freezer, and enjoy!
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    This is a good idea. This thread could be very helpful for all especially for mothers like me. Great resource really. I will be checking my recipe book so I can share one in this thread

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    Sounds like fun. I have a Sangaria recipe that my family does not get together without.

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    Love it - great idea. Foodies unite!...or at least share recipes

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    OK - now! you have my attention. I've become a cooking show addict. It's true that today's chefs are the new rock-stars.

    Lately, we've been working from the America's Test Kitchen book. So far, pretty good tips.
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    Here is a quick one that is almost 1/2 healthy.

    1 stick reduced fat butter
    1 bag 16 oz marshmallows
    1 box Go Lean Crunch cereal (or Kashi Organic types)

    Melt the butter and marshmellows, add the cereal.

    Similar to Rice Krispee squares but crunchier.
    Mary Joyce
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