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    December 4th, 2009
    Landing page
    hello everyone,
    maybe i can get some pointers. becouse i dont have a clue how.

    i have a webshop and i was told that i need a landing page, im sure is going to cost me like everything else i have in this shop.

    i thought my landing page was my homepage, now i dont have a clue how to build a landing page, and i cant afford to have someone to do it for me.

    i need help!!!

    i am a hairstylist and my webshop sales only professional hair products.

    what i can uderstand i have to make a landing page for every product? ( there are many)

    or can i make a landing page for categories like
    dry hair products - fine hair products etc..etc..

    and how i do this landing page?

    guys i need help!!!!

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    Hi Kristy,

    Perhaps this will help: (unlinked)

    It really depends on how your site is organized, where your traffic is coming from, and what you want that traffic to see when they first hit the site. A landing page can just be a specific page on your site; in turn, no development costs to you.
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    hi Medge
    thank you for your note,

    here is the link from my webshop is in dutch, what i dont understand can i make the categories be like landing page when they open instead the way i have them now?

    maybe when you have time check out my webshop and maybe send me some ideas as how can i improve for more clients

    i would be so greatfull, i have this shop for 2 years and i have 500 clients, if i didnt have the beauty salon i would be not in business

    thank you again
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    You can put your site here for a site review:

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    I'm not sure I totally agree with the "large red button advice" but the other advice in this article is pretty good:
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    Hi Kirsty,
    A landing page is a one page site and this is where you get your customer's to optin and subscribe, so you can then send them a digital catalogue from which they can order. The only hardwork to do, is to get all your products listed into a book. Use the landing page to tell prospectiv customers how great these products are, the difference it is going to make their hair look and feel. Show them some passion about your own products. Has anybody used them that will give you a genuine testimonial, you have always got to be honest with your customers and the trust you gain. will get them coming back time and time again.
    Check the web for Free templates or Squeeze pages, then all you have to do is change them.
    Let me know if you need anymore help.

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