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    The Consensus Trance & You.
    In the realm of human behavior there is an idea called: The Consensus Trance. This idea defines a state of being where the vast majority believe something, whether it's true or otherwise, because everyone else believes the same thing.

    To NOT believe what everyone else believes is often not good for your health or wealth because it challenges other peoples views of themselves and their expectations of the future.

    Today the vast majority of people doing business are stuck in a type of Consensus Trance. The idea is that everyone can make money by selling stuff for a group of merchants who pay you only when you sell something.

    But this idea is a myth in worst way because - to make money you have to sell something, then you have to acutally get paid for it. There is a time period between the sale and the benefits derived from the sale.

    But if EVERYONE wants to make money, WHO are they going to sell products and services to? The only answer is people just like you. But WHY are these people going to BUY anything, since they all want to sell stuff and they need to do this trick BEFORE they can afford to buy anything.

    Now, one answer would be they NEED some stuff to stay alive. But they don't need 90% of the stuff they buy to survive. They need it because most people they know have it and they want it ... the consensus trance squared.

    Let's take Google ... they are the 400 pound elephant so to speak of online activities ... they regulate the access to websites and information. They are perpetuators of the affialiate marketing consensus trance because they benefit from it. They sell traffic and people buy it because they have it to sell. They are affiliates and make a commission because they have the traffic and they have the advantage of making money because they control the distribution of the traffic.

    Affiliates in general, pay Google for their traffic, so they can send it to merchants so they MIGHT make a sale and get paid for it ... AFTER they pay Google. But Google is ALSO an affiliate for those same merchants.

    But hey, if you get a good listing in the generic part of the Google listings you can get buy with NOT paying Google as much as you should if those listings were not 'supposedly' free.

    How it works is simple: Businesses PAY Google cash money in the form of commissions as an affiliate and for advertising. Google gets them coming and going ... but to do this trick, Google has to have a reason for the merchants to do that ... and that reason is they have SOME FREE listings of sites and information that people search for, because they WANT something.

    The SERPS are subsidized by ADWORDS, GAN and the money paid by merchants to be on GAN.

    As a result, Amazon and EBAY don't need affiliates because the affiliates in general are getting their traffic from the same place that Amazon and EBAY have to pay to get it.

    The CPA aspect of AM is a dead duck ... and always has been, even if YOU make money from it - for one reason, it is NOT SUSTAINABLE. Eventually,
    the successful get the clue that if they limit the competition they will continue to be successful.

    If everyone wants to sell for us, who will buy from us ... it's nothing more than buy/sell arbitrage ... and Goolge hates 'click arbitrage' even if they make a huge profit from people do so. And the consensus trance they foster is that 'click arbitrage' is EVIL ... but they do it themselves everyday while they limit you from doing the exact same thing and make up rules to give themselves a competitive advantage over all those other people just like them who want to sell you something, you probably do not need.

    Beware of the Consensus Trance, it is a trap to force you to work for chump change so Sergey can buy anything he wants.

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    "The CPA aspect of AM is a dead duck"

    You get the for hopefully the last Affiliate Marketing is dead/dying post of the year. Until next year.

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    McDonalds is a dead duck, too. If everyone owned a McDonalds franchise, there wouldn't be enough customers to go around.

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    The CPA aspect of AM is a dead duck ... and always has been, even if YOU make money from it - for one reason, it is NOT SUSTAINABLE
    Why do you continue to bash AM in this forum?

    It used to be my hobby, now it's a full-time job, earning more than my last salary. Some of us have made CPA work quite well.

    For me, Adsense was a bust, and Adwords a waste of money. I spend zero for my traffic, it's all natural. And if stores are selling, I'm earning commission. I suspect I'm not the only one..

    What works for one doesn't necessarily work for the other. Doesn't mean it's dead/dying.

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    Moderator Note: net4biz isn't currently able to respond due to a rules infraction in another thread.

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